DKA Professional Cinema Society | Lambda Chapter | “Opposites Retract” by Sienna Milanowski
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“Opposites Retract” by Sienna Milanowski

“Opposites Retract” by Sienna Milanowski

I rushed Delta Kappa Alpha in the fall of 2015 and can honestly say it’s the best decision I’ve made in my short time at UT. Currently a sophomore, I have worked on a multitude of sets and gained so much valuable experience through DKA alone. Though I admit I was slightly intimidated at first by how many professional, talented, and already accomplished upperclassmen I crossed paths with, they have been my biggest resource in finding my voice in filmmaking. 

This past spring, I was asked to join a crew for one of DKA’s grant-funded films that we produce each semester called ‘Opposites Retract’. My good friends Julian and Matias needed a DP, and I willingly accepted, not completely sure what I was getting myself into. I had never been on principle crew before and soon found out I was the only freshman in a principle role that semester. (Scary, right?!)

In a DKA environment, however, I immediately felt at-home onset and was overwhelmed with support and artistic advice from my brothers and sisters. The shoot was stress-free and such a fun experience, aside from some minor bumps in the road that are bound to happen on any set. One of the many benefits of joining DKA is learning how a set operates from classmates who have years of experience under their belts. I learned everything from formatting a shot list and lining a script to budgeting for equipment and working with a gaffer to ensure my shots were lit correctly. Because the crew was comprised of DeKAs, everyone working on the project was incredibly passionate, helpful, and willing to put in long hours for the ultimate goal of completing a short film.

That’s what I admire so much about DKA: the energy and passion of a group of young filmmakers with the common goal of one day working in the industry. Each and every member exemplifies professionalism, resourcefulness, and respect to a tee and has fun while doing it! I could not be more proud to be a part of this organization and cannot wait to see where it takes me in the future. 

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