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Meet the Members

Meet the Members

Delta Kappa Alpha is home to some of the most amazing individuals at the University of Texas. You can meet a small selection of some of our  past members below! 


Joshua Gonzalez: President


I’m Joshua Gonzalez, President of the Lambda Chapter of DKA at UT Austin. I’m a double major in Radio-TV-Film and Mexican-American Studies pursuing producing, documentary, and folkloric anthropology. As President of DKA, my main responsibilities include guiding chapter direction and external relations. My favorite thing about DKA is the collaborative energy that flows from meetings with my DeKA siblings, and watching our chapter grow together!


John Monroe: Vice President


My name is John Monroe, and I am the Vice-President of DKA. This is my third year as a student at the University of Texas and my fourth semester in DKA. As Vice-President, I’m the head of the membership department, the department I’ve been in for all of my DKA career, and I make sure that the experiences of each and every member are the best they can be. DKA has provided me with opportunities and relationships that have helped shape my collegiate, professional, and personal life.



MaryAnne Maxwell: Secretary


My name is MaryAnne Maxwell and I’m the Secretary for DKA. This is my third year of college, second year at UT, and third semester in the Lambda Chapter of Delta Kappa Alpha. This fraternity has made me grow in my skills and passions, while teaching me how to succeed on a professional level. I wouldn’t want to do diligent note taking for any other organization!


Chloe Nisbett: Treasurer


My name is Chloe Nisbett, and I’m the Treasurer for DKA. Last year, after transferring to UT and joining the RTF department, I decided I wanted to find some way to meet people who are also interested in film like I am. I knew as soon as I went to an info session that DKA was the organization I was meant to join. After rushing, going through the pledge education process and learning more about the history and values of DKA was one of my favorite experiences. I love the emphasis that DKA puts on professionalism as well as the opportunities that we offer to work on different productions we help fund each semester. Through DKA, I’ve been able to learn so much. If I ever have any questions about how to do something related to film, I know that there’s almost always someone in DKA who knows more about it and is willing to help.


Grayson Blackburn: Cinematic Affairs


Hi, I’m Grayson Blackburn. I have been a filmmaker specializing in cinematography for 6 years now, and I’m in charge of the Cinematic Affairs department here at Delta Kappa Alpha. The cinematic affairs department is the film production side of the fraternity. Cinematic affairs houses the DKA production company, through which we provide grants, crew, and the ability to produce your own short films within the fraternity. If you have ever wanted to make your short film WITH a budget, DKA is the place to do it. We provide you with everything you need in order to create your films.


Elena Eitrheim: Programming


Hi! I’m Elena Eitrheim, and I’m a third year RTF student at UT. What first attracted me to DKA was the exciting social events held every semester to bring our fellow brothers and sisters closer together on a more personal level. As head of the programming department, I am in charge of working with some of the most amazing officers to provide our Lambda Chapter with the best community service opportunities, fundraising events, and social gatherings. One of my favorite experiences so far in DKA has been planning for our formal, White Carnation. This event is purely a time for the fraternity as a whole to come together and support each other’s accomplishments in a rewarding and friendly environment! It’s truly an honor to get to be a part of planning these extraordinary events, as they create memories for our DKA members that will last a lifetime.


Sarah May: Public Relations


My name is Sarah May, and I am a UT Junior studying RTF and Public Relations. As the Public Relations director, it is essentially my job to talk about DKA (something that comes pretty naturally to me) and to encourage others to do the same. I’ve been a member of the fraternity since the fall of my freshman year (2014). Deciding to Rush DKA started as just another way to “jump headfirst into college” and make as many new friends as I could so as not to get lost in a sea of Moody talent and burnt orange. What resulted was more than I could have ever imagined. As a member of DKA I have not only found my voice as a film maker/enthusiast, but also a community within which I can express my creative ideas, grow my professional network, and get my hands dirty! I say that I have the best job in the whole fraternity. I say this because I am responsible for introducing the organization, for celebrating it, for bragging about it, for representing it, and for loving it. These are things that I would choose to do regardless of my title. It’s easy to promote and believe in something that has already done so much for you. It is my hope that everyone has the opportunity to experience Delta Kappa Alpha in the way that I have, and it is my goal that the story my department tells will spread that opportunity to students of the university and members of the community alike.


Interested in meeting even more of our amazing members? Then be sure to come to one of Delta Kappa Alpha’s information sessions, tonight (Wednesday, September 14th) or tomorrow (Thursday, September 15th) at 7:30pm in CMA 3.120, as well as our Meet and Greet this Saturday, September 17th, at 4:30pm  in UNB 2.102!

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