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Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

Hello and welcome to the one and only Delta Kappa Alpha Cinejournal! Let me introduce myself: I am Logan Thomas, and I am the Editor-in-Chief of this incredible publication.

When I was a young child, I often found myself bored with the mundane exercises and activities that one is subjected to in public school. Every class I would rush through my assigned work in order to obtain free time that I would spend reading the latest book my mother had bought me or writing fanciful stories about dragons, gingerbread men, or superheroes. I fell in love with the boundless depths of the imagination and creating a whole other universe by simply putting it on paper.

As I grew older, my writing became more mature, but the time I had to write became more and more scarce. The less time I had to escape into my writing, the more I valued and treasured it. I was introduced to poetry and became fascinated by the way one could weave words to create an intricate rhythmic experience while expressing their feelings, but, sadly, was too intimated by poetry’s complexities to seriously pursue it.

Concurrently, I found a similar passion for film. As a boy, I was fascinated by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the way they could use just one actor to create hundreds of Oompa Loompas. I was thrilled by the way movies like The Dark Knight used eerie music, gripping dialogue, and thoughtful costumes to bring a plot, character, or scene to life. I became captivated by unconventional story structures that movies like Pulp Fiction and Memento presented.

It was during a riveting conversation with a friend about the elaborate psychological layers of Fight Club when I was told that I belong in the film industry. At that instant, I realized that it was my dream to make my passion for writing into a career, and no medium intrigued me more than film. Ever since that moment of realization, I have worked towards improving my writing every single day, whether it be in the form of short stories, films, articles, and, yes, even poetry.

My passion for writing and film led me to join Delta Kappa Alpha, a co-ed, professional cinema fraternity. As the Editor-in-Chief of our Cinejournal, I look forward to the amazing experience that’s ahead for all of us. The entire Cinejournal staff is eager to share all sorts of content that’s related to the art of cinema, Delta Kappa Alpha, and its incredible members. This is a publication by film lovers for film lovers, and we hope that you’re as excited as we are to join us on our exciting journey.

Logan Thomas, Editor-in-Chief

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