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Introducing: the Findlater Grant Foundation

Introducing: the Findlater Grant Foundation

As an organization dedicated to the cinematic arts, Delta Kappa Alpha prides itself in the unique opportunities it provides for students to breathe life into their visions. Each semester, our production company, DKA Studios Texas, gives out thousands of dollars in grants to students looking to make their dreams a reality through the Findlater Grant Foundation.


The Findlater Grant Foundation is a branch of DKA Studios Texas, and it is designed to offer both creative and monetary resources to local filmmakers. It is named after one of Delta Kappa Alpha’s very own founders, John W. Findlater, and it has funded several films in the past, including Here, Kitty Kitty and Opposites Retract.


College students passionate about cinema are familiar with the struggle of funding their own projects, which makes the Findlater Grant Foundation such a great resource. When describing the opportunities the Findlater Grant Foundation provides, the DKA Studios Texas Manager, Julian Alvarado, stated, “As students, all of our films are made on such small budgets, so it’s such an awesome opportunity to get funds to do what we love!”


In the past, grants have only been accessible to chapter members; however, DKA Studios Texas’ desire to benefit the entire local filmmaking community has led to the recent introduction of two non-member grants. These grants are available to any UT student, regardless of major. Applications for these grants are now available , and we encourage any UT student looking to add their voice to the cinematic arts to apply by October 31st.




If you’re interested in applying, you can find an application here.


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