DKA Professional Cinema Society | Lambda Chapter | History
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The History of Delta Kappa Alpha

March 16, 1936

Delta Kappa Alpha was founded as a professional cinema fraternity for men in Bridge Hall at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.


National Board of Officers established with Jack McClelland as the first President.


Delta Kappa Alpha expands, forming the Beta chapter at Boston University in Massachusetts.


Gamma Chapter is established at NYU


Delta Chapter is established at UCLA

Feb. 9 1972

“Never in all my born days has this writer seen so many movie, TV and theatrical luminaries at least 400 of the 500 that were famous in Hollywood”

-Los Angeles Herald-Examiner of a Delta Kappa Alpha banquet



Delta Kappa Alpha is resurrected at USC by Grace Lee and Hillary Levi


Delta Kappa Alpha passes constitution that allows for expansion to other universities and chapters, unity among those chapters, and to grow beyond the DKA of Golden Hollywood.


The Lambda Chapter of Delta Kappa Alpha is founded at the University of Texas at Austin


The Lambda Chapter of Delta Kappa Alpha officially converts to DKA Professional Cinema Society, marking the first time a chapter has voluntarily made the change.