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Delta Kappa Alpha

Established in 1936, Delta Kappa Alpha is a National, professional, cinematic arts fraternity dedicated to developing cinematic artists of character. As of 2017, the Lambda Chapter is a professional cinematic society. DKA is open to all students, all majors, all genders–all artists.

Our Mission

DKA strives to foster lifelong character, collaborative and creative storytelling, ethical and productive business practices, philanthropic action, and fraternal bonds by and between students of the cinematic arts.

Our Vision

The vision of DKA is to be recognized as the premiere institute of upstanding industry leaders.

What is a Professional Society?

A Professional Society has different values, a different focus, and is made up of different group of students that concentrate on developing their careers and interests in the cinematic arts. DKA exists as an honor and resource for its members and university and has a strict no-hazing policy.

Texas DKA Studios set ‘Returning’ Directed by Jenna Covarrubias

DKA at a Glance

Type of Fraternity: National, Honorary, Values-Based, Professional, Gender Inclusive

Fraternity Colors: Deep Royal Blue and Old Gold

Fraternity Founded on March 16, 1936 at USC

Fraternity Symbol: Film Camera

Fraternity Mascot: Dragon

Fraternity Flower: White Carnation

Verbal Fraternity Nickname: DeKA (Pronounced ˈdekə) Meaning: “10” / “ten” in Greek, representing the 10 Founders and the 10 Jewels of a Delta Kappa Alpha Member. (Ex. I am a DeKA. DeKA’s having a screening tomorrow.)

Public Slogan: Cinematic Artists of Character

External Visual Theme: Classic Hollywood/Old Studio System Period

Open Motto: “ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑ ΣΤΗΝ ΠΑΡΑΙΣΘΗΣΗ” or “Truth in Illusion”

Meaning of Fraternity Letters: Delta (Dramatic), Kappa (Kinematic), Alpha (Aesthetic)

Core Values

10 Jewels of a DKA Member


Farmer Tripod

Selflessness & Loyalty

Constant Learning & Adaptability

“Do-It-Yourself” Inventiveness & Problem-Solving

DKA Creed

“I believe in Delta Kappa Alpha, its principles and its traditions. I will be loyal to my

college, my chapter, and my Fraternity by keeping strong ties and retaining the spirit of

youth. In helping others follow their bliss, I shall ask for no reward, I shall seek no glory.

I will put character above wealth and my actions will follow my word. I will preserve the

history of Cinema and the heritage of my Fraternity. I say with all sincerity; Delta Kappa

Alpha has given me honor and distinction; the bond of our fellowship is reciprocal, I will

endeavor to so develop myself and so conduct myself that I will ever be a credit to our